WordPress Wednesdays: highlight author comments

This WordPress Wednesdays entry is a re-post from Matthew’s old blog as we resurrect them here at GeekRev.

Today we will touch on a little trick that I have added in the last few days. This is a simple 2 minute change that I think really brings out the blog comments that much more.

Highlighting the author’s comments can really help readers easily track the author’s comments from everyone else. When readers come to a post with a ton of comments, they may want to check comments of the author first. There are some plugins that could do this job, but you know my stance on plugins over code!

So to get this working correctly in your WordPress blog, all you have to do is add the code snippet below to your style.css or for Standard Theme users, custom.css. Make sure you type this out, it will help you to learn the code rather than the easy copy and paste! This does get a little crazy with nested comments and I am working out the bugs now for it!

[CSS].commentlist li.bypostauthor, li.comment-author-admin {
background-color: #E0E0E0 !important;

You can change the style to whatever suits your theme colors. A subtle difference can go a long way!

So what do you think? Will you add it?

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