WordPress – Multisite for Churches

If you couldn’t tell already, I am a big fan of WordPress. I’ve not regretted moving our church to WordPress one single bit. One of its coolest features (that is really at home for churches) is multisite – which allows you to use one self-hosted WordPress installation to manage multiple “sites” on a single server. Now, if all you want is a specially-styled page for various ministries, then you could use Matthew’s tip. But, if you want whole separate sites for various ministries, I’d use WordPress’ multisite. The most recent WordPress makes multisite even easier than before, but it is somewhat of a hidden feature. What I mean by “hidden” is that you can’t just turn it on by flipping a toggle in the admin panel. It requires some file editing to accomplish.

Why use multisite (aka network)? You can create a separate site for each of your ministries, and even ministers’ blogs, with one single install, and manage them all (as a super-admin) from one common administrative panel.

At our church, we are currently using multisite. One site is our main website (thrivechurch.ws), another is our live internet “campus” site (live.thrivechurch.ws). Having both sites within a common install is incredibly convenient and well worth the manual tweaks needed to get it going.

When I first began the process of getting multisite working, I was frustrated to discover that it wasn’t as easy as a toggle in the admin page. But, as I embarked on the process, I realized how a casual switch could cause all kinds of problems.

Thankfully, while it is a bit of a complex process, WordPress has done an incredible job explaining how to do it. So, instead of redoing what they did, I’ll just refer you to their page that explains the process.

If you are running a church website from WordPress, you should seriously consider enabling multisite for your other ministry’s pages. As always, feel free to pose any questions below if you run into a roadblock as you implement multisite.

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