Want to Build a Community Computer Lab? Here’s How.

As a church pastor bent on helping people help people, projects like this (discovered on ifixit.org) excite me. Robert Litt wanted to get a technology program going in his school – where there was no budget – and made it happen – with no money. He sees a need, develops a passion for making it happen, and then doesn’t let anything (like a lack of money) get in the way of seeing it happen – awesome.

My bride, Angel, has often talked about the need for a community computer lab in our city – especially after seeing how hard it is for disadvantaged kids to access our public library’s computers. I am encouraged by Robert’s efforts.

After the break, there’s a video of Robert Litt, the amazing guy behind the “computer lab for no dollars” effort.

[tentblogger-youtube nZ84GcDGoMw]

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