Using SSD’s For Fast, Portable, Reliable Storage

ssd_dockTechnology moves so fast! It wasn’t but a few months ago that moving to SSD drives in PC’s was a major luxury. Considering that a 500MB HDD would cost $50, but a 512MB SSD could cost over $1500. But now, you can get a 512MB SSD for $400 – what a change! If you go smaller, you can even better deals for SSD drives. For instance, you can get a 256GB SSD for $160, or a 128GB SSD for $95.

This got me thinking – an SSD would be much safer for portable media than an HDD-based portable drive, and much faster. I realize you can get a 1TB HDD-based portable USB drive for under $100. But, they are slow – trust me – I use them a lot. If you could get an SSD-based system, not only is it going to be faster, but it’s also going to be more reliable (no moving parts).

I found a USB SSD/HDD dock, AKA “toaster,” for $16. This allows you to have a dedicated “home” into which you plug SSD drives to get to the storage. I also found a cable to do the same thing for just a couple dollars more. Personally, I’d prefer the dock – seems more organized that way to me. But, the benefit of the cable is that it is even more portable.

So, for about $20 in addition to the cost of an SSD, you can get the speed and reliability of an SSD in a portable form. Awesome.

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