Understanding Camera Lenses: Vimeo Lesson Series With Vincent Laforet

Chances are, as a smaller church serving a smaller faith community, you probably don’t have the luxury of an incredibly talented and knowledgeable videographer like our very own Michael Beck. So, you don’t get to cheat like I do when it comes to learning how to use camera equipment well. Fortunately, for at least one particular subject, lenses, you can get good advice that is easy to understand. Vincent Laforet and Blake Witman put together a sweet video series that teaches the basics of understanding lenses – for free. More about that after the break.

They do several things right in this series.

First, they do an excellent job of making the terminology very easy to understand. Their explanations make sense in everyday language, rather than trade-speak.

Second, they do an amazing job of bringing context to what they are teaching. For example, they show you exact cases where you would want to choose one lens over another.

Third, they make a dry subject entertaining. The 15 or so minutes (total of the 3 videos) that you’ll invest feels very short, yet very informative.

Good stuff. Here are the links to the 3 chapters in the series. NOTE: Be sure to read the info on the page for “extra” info.

Behind the Glass Part 1: An Introduction to Lenses

Behind the Glass Part 2: Focal Length

Behind the Glass Part 3: Depth of Field

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