To Xoom Or Not To Xoom

So you’re in the market to purchase a tablet to help you, you know, with your sermons. You’ve decided you would rather go Android than iOS (gasp!). The next question you have is, do you spend the 6 to 7 bills (unsubsidized) needed to purchase the flagship XOOM, or do you forgo waiting until it releases later this month, and settle for a lesser tablet now?

Here are some (very) quick thoughts before making your purchase:

The XOOM will come out with the slick “Honeycomb” operating system (Android 3.0) out of the box. This OS was designed for tablets which will later on port over to phones, and not the other way around.

Coming from a 2.2(Froyo), or even 2.3(Gingerbread) phone, you’ll first realize that calling this an “updated” OS is a slight understatement, as it is really an overhaul – from the 3D homescreens to the optimized Google Apps that you won’t find on any other device (save for a mod). Just take a look at the video Google gave us a few weeks ago (keep in mind this OS is not even complete in the video):

For the full Android Event, check out the 52 minute here.

Keep this in mind when trying to save a buck by going with a lesser tablet (such as any of the ones from Archos, Viewsonic, Dell, or even Samsung): they are only running 2.1 or 2.2. Pricing will drop dramatically on these devices, and temp you pretty strongly. But by waiting just 1-2 more months you’ll surely be in “Honeycomb Heaven” and will probably have paid the same amount.

Look out for LG, Lenovo and HTC to come out with their devices shortly after the XOOM releases.

Wondering about 3G vs 4G? Well, for that you might need to wait until the end of summer.

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