Thanks: Worship Times (sponsor)

We’d like to thank the sponsors of GR for supporting our mission to serve smaller churches, so we are going to highlight each of them for you. Today’s thanks and highlight goes to Worship Times. They provide affordable, turn-key website solutions for churches and ministries. More after the break.

Because I had an extensive background in website development, I often forget how monumental a job it can be get a website going for church planters. Most people do not know how to get a website going themselves – this includes a lot of pastors. This is where a service like Worship Times comes in. They handle all the hard work for you. You just provide the content.

I love this quote from their “about” page: “Worship Times arose from a joint effort of pastors and seminarians who are dedicated to addressing local congregations’ struggle to establish and maintain effective websites for their ministries.  As part of their call to ministry, these seminarians set about creating an effective, sustainable, and simple tool which could be used by your church for ministry.”

That quote speaks to the heart behind what they are doing – it’s a ministry for them, not just a “job.”

From what I see, their services have a very reasonable monthly fee. The setup fee is no small potatoes, but that tells me that they put a lot of personal attention into your ministry website.

Here’s the feature list of their top-tier package:

  1. Content Management System
  2. Events Management System
  3. Unique Domain
  4. Web Forms
  5. Publications
  6. Video Publications
  7. Social Media Tools
  8. Audio Publications
  9. iTunes Podcasting
  10. SEO Tools
  11. Online Donations
  12. Design Themes
  13. Mobile Support
  14. Online Training Materials
  15. Support
  16. Online Training Seminars
  17. Backups
  18. Website Restore

So, if you are a new ministry looking to get a quality web presence without having to do it all yourself, or if you have a current website that you wish you could redo, consider Worship Times.

UPDATE: Per Michael’s post below, if you need a website, use the code “geekrev” (without quotes) to get 20% off the start-up fee. Isn’t that awesome?


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