Thanks: Cook Up Creative (sponsor)

We’d like to thank the sponsors of GR for supporting our mission to serve smaller churches, so we are going to highlight each of them for you. Today’s thanks and highlight goes to Cook Up Creative. They are a creative graphics company that specializes in church media.

Cook Up Creative is a relatively new sponsor at GR, whose target market is the church that does not have a full-time graphics designer on staff – sounds like most small churches to me.

I emailed the owner, Josh (email), to get a little insight into his process of working with a church. Here’s some of what he said:

“When I am contracted by a church for the monthly flat rate package, I am very pro-active in my communications with them. I know the seasons in a church and I also find out how their weekly schedule works… so I can get a sense for their culture and schedule… This helps me be able to plan ahead with graphics so that the church can have the graphics in their hands before the deadline… just in case there may be a last minute edit…”

A look at Cook Up Creative’s portfolio reveals thoughtful, contemporary, dynamic work. While the portfolio shows things like message series graphics, Josh indicated that he also does communications pieces. From what I gather, Cook Up Creative would be able to create any graphics needed for a church.

Cook Up Creative does work on a per-project basis, or you can contract with Cook Up Creative on  a monthly basis, which the website says is “just like having a full-time designer only at a fraction of the cost.”

Thanks, Cook Up Creative, for supporting this site. Go check them out!


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