Thanks: Church Themes (sponsor)

We’d like to thank the sponsors of GR for supporting our mission to serve smaller churches, so we are going to highlight each of them for you. Today’s thanks and highlight goes to ChurchThemes. They make really beautiful WordPress themes for churches.

Church Themes is a long time advertiser at GR whose target market is the church that hosts and manages their own website (with a self-hosted WordPress), but does not want to spend teh time and energy rewired to develop a great theme designed specifically for churches.

Church Themes has several great looking designs, and they are all very affordable (from $0 to $49), and that are specifically designed for churches. So, they include things like online giving widgets, sermon media handling, and a people database. They even have a locations manager for churches with multiple campuses.

Another really great thing about Church Themes is that you only pay ONCE. That’s right – no monthly fees, etc.

So, if your upcoming church plant is going to manage its own website, or if your existing church’s self-managed WordPress website is needing an update, I would strongly urge you to take a look at what Church Themes has to offer.

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