Terminated: A Movie Short

Hi folks!

I’ve mentioned on Facebook, Twitter many times that Michael and I were involved in a film-making contest. The rules were simple: Write, shoot, edit, and ship a 5-8 minute long movie in only 48 hours. The catch was that we did not know the genre of the movie until the moment we started our 48-hour countdown, and we had to incorporate a predetermined line of dialogue. It was a challenge, but a lot of fun too!

The movie was shot mostly on a Sony FS100, but we also used a Canon T3i and a GoPro HD. Check it out after the break!

The genre we were given was “revenge movie” and the line of dialogue we had to include was “Why would you listen to him anyway? The only business school he ever went to went out business.”

Cool Factor: One of the “props” in the movie is a Lotus Elise sports car that one of our actors got to drive! Oh, and we got in an airplane to catch some shots of it driving down the highway!

Oh, one last thing: if we get the most views we get a prize, so view it a lot and pass it on!

[tentblogger-youtube 5Txdhhr1BZI]

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