TechShop – Like Kinkos, But With Power Tools.

This is really cool! It’s shared tech shop – kind of like a Kinkos, but instead of documents, it’s for fabricating things. Let’s say you need to build something, like maybe a DYI Camera Slider, but you don’t have the tools to build one, and really don’t want to borrow from your father in law because you know he’ll start subtracting man-points from you with his eyes – and you really can’t afford to lose any more. Well, head over to your local TechShop (locations) and get ‘er done!Here’s how they describe themselves:

TechShop is a membership-based workshop that provides members with access to tools and equipment, instruction, and a community of creative and supportive people so they can build the things they have always wanted to make.

Not only do they have the uber-manly power saws and welders – they also have precision equipment and technical instruments.

Sounds awesome right!?!? The coolest thing is they consider themselves like a peer community, helping one another learn to use the equipment, and giving build advice.

Sounds like a cool community-project for a church. Hmm….

Check them out:

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