Technology’s False Promise Of Peace

As I’ve previously stated, I am really like reading things from Scott McClellan, who writes at Collide Magazine. I saw a post by him called “Technology’s False Promise Of Peace“. In it, Scott talks about how, time and time again, new technology comes out, with all kinds of hope attached to it. But, is any technology worthy of our hope?

I am reminded of the old hymn, “My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less,” which is an allusion to the parable of the the wise and foolish builders. As a tech-geek, the temptation is great to rely on technology to solve the problems of the world. Even as a Christian, who knows better, sometimes I forget that the author and revealer of technology is God himself, not any man.

We have to be diligent to remember that technology is a tool for ministry, not a paradigm for ministry. What I mean by that is that technology is not the “standard” for which we stand. It is not the “measure” of God’s power. It is not the “foundation” of our hope. God is our standard, in Him are we able to do anything, and in Him is our hope, through Jesus Christ.

When technology breaks on Sunday morning, the temptation is to think all is lost. The reality is that God’s power does not rest on technology at all.

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