PostPost – Facebook From a Different Viewpoint

I am all about finding ways to save time. One of the biggest time-eaters out there is Facebook. I find myself loathing going there because you just get sucked into it. The problem is there really is a lot of good information that my Facebook friends share that doesn’t involve virtual farms. But weeding through the junk to get to the good stuff is time consuming. Have you seen the PostPost service yet? Basically, it creates a custom “news” page, just for you, created by gathering the stories and media shared by your Facebook friends. It presents these stories and other media in a pretty neat way. It’s similar to other services like, except it is real-time!

Here’s how they describe themselves:

PostPost is a news aggregator for the social generation, and collates the articles, videos, and photos your friends have found interesting enough to post. It features advanced search technology powered by yolink where users can search deeply within all of their news articles across disparate sources.

One thing I think is cool is that I am able to interact with the stories via Facebook comments and Facebook sharing, right in the newspaper, although the comments don’t persist on the page.

One thing I don’t like is that I can’t share my particular paper with my friends, like with But, given the live format that doesn’t make much sense. I suppose what I really wish they did was create something very much like, but for Facebook.

One thing I’d add, is some content streamlining. I would think it would rate stories based on comment levels and share levels, and choose say the top 30 stories. But, I don’t think it is doing any of that sort of filtering.

Overall, my initial impression is that I like it enough, as it does make it easier and quicker for me to find the content my friends are sharing. Basically, it’s your Facebook wall, but from a different vantage point. But, geez – it presents way too many stories – total overkill.

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