Old Faithful Flash Drive, You’ve Been Good To Me.

Today I say goodbye to a faith friend. In April of 2009, I bought the LaCie itsaKey 4GB flash drive (they don’t even make that model anymore, but here is the latest Lacie itsaKey). At that time, I really thought it was the best choice and value. I paid just under $20 for it. I chose it because I was looking for an all-metal, rugged flash drive that would take the daily abuse of being attached to my key-chain. And boy has it seen some abuse, as evidence by the many dings and dents in the metal housing. I’ve used for so many things and inserted it into so many USB ports!  Well it’s time to retire it for more space. Find out what I replaced it with after the break. Continue reading “Old Faithful Flash Drive, You’ve Been Good To Me.”

5 Ways To Simplify Your Life By Simplifying Your Site

One thing will always be true for every pastor who pours himself/herself into ministry – there is never enough time to do it all. Maybe I am biased, but I think this is especially true of small church pastors who find themselves doing more than they probably should. One thing I’ve come to value as a pastor is simplicity. The more things you can simplify, the better – even important things can be made simpler. By now, most of us know how valuable a website is for your ministry as it has become the first-stop people make when exploring your ministry. But being important does not mean that a website also has to be complex. Here are my strategies for keeping our church website from becoming a time-management monster. Continue reading “5 Ways To Simplify Your Life By Simplifying Your Site”

How to Move Your Website To a New Host/Server

Have you ever thought about changing hosting providers but hesitated because it seems like a such huge undertaking? Well, I recently took on the daunting task of moving GeekRev to a new hosting provider. But, it wasn’t as daunting as you might think. In fact it’s pretty easy, but it can take a long time.  @seventy8prod suggested that I write a post detailing what I did. So, here it is. Enjoy (after the break). Continue reading “How to Move Your Website To a New Host/Server”

Why Your Slow Server Is Killing Your Site And How To Fix It


GeekRev.com is not, by any means, one of those blessed sites that get millions of hits a month. But, our traffic levels are pretty good, and very “qualified.” In marketing, “qualified” sources refers to those sources that specifically come to your site on purpose. There are a lot of ways traffic becomes qualified. For instance, someone can specifically come to your site from a business card, word of mouth, or something similar – because they know for sure that your site has the information they need. Qualified traffic can also come from very specific search-engine queries. Most people come to this site on purpose. But a few months ago, I noticed our traffic was quickly declining. Something was wrong and I was not sure what it was. Continue reading “Why Your Slow Server Is Killing Your Site And How To Fix It”