Old Faithful Flash Drive, You’ve Been Good To Me.

Today I say goodbye to a faith friend. In April of 2009, I bought the LaCie itsaKey 4GB flash drive (they don’t even make that model anymore, but here is the latest Lacie itsaKey). At that time, I really thought it was the best choice and value. I paid just under $20 for it. I chose it because I was looking for an all-metal, rugged flash drive that would take the daily abuse of being attached to my key-chain. And boy has it seen some abuse, as evidence by the many dings and dents in the metal housing. I’ve used for so many things and inserted it into so many USB ports!  Well it’s time to retire it for more space. Find out what I replaced it with after the break.

Introducing my new buddy: the Kingston Digital DataTraveler DTSE9 (16GB)! (LaCie top, Kingston bottom)


For half the price of my 2009 purchase I get 4x the storage! Woot!

The size comparison against the LaCie astounds me.

The Kingston sports a monolithic, single-piece, all metal housing, with a large hole on one end to attach to my key-chain.

I feel really confident it will last me at least 4 years like my faithful LaCie did. I sure hope so anyway!

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