Neverware revives old computers

Imagine all the old computers and related hardware sitting around churches. Often these are hand-me downs from church members who don’t need them anymore because they’ve upgraded their personal computers, and they know they wouldn’t even cover the shipping cost if they put it on Ebay. Once we get them, they are barely usable anymore and end-up in some storage room. I’ve got a bunch of this stuff laying around, right now!

Now, Imagine all of those computers becoming functional, and highly usable with the latest OS, say Windows 7. Neverware, a small start-up, has a solution that turns a cluster of bum PC’s, even one’s without hard-drives, into functional work-stations. The entrepreneur’s original vision is for all the decrepit hardware in schools to be revived, but boy could this be beneficial to the church!

Checkout the video and source article below.

Source article: Neverware revives old computers to power a better future.

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