More Info On the Canon T3i / 600D

I found another article about the soon to be released Canon T3i (600D in European markets) that I had previously talked about. After reading it, I am even more excited about this camera, and even more anxious for my Amazon pre-order to turn into a shipment! The article is‘s hands-on review of a pre-production review kit (with the EF-S 18-55mm F3.6-6.6 IS II lens). A lot of features/characteristics I was not aware of come to light in this review.

  1. Integrated wireless remote flash control. That is typically a feature found on pro-level cameras, allowing you to have external flash devices, not connected to the camera, that are controlled with the shutter button. This allows you to set up a scene with high control over lighting, but still be able to move around without “upsetting” the lighting set-up. Nice!
  2. Bigger and heavier. One of the “cons” of the T3i is it’s plastic body. Pro-level cameras almost always have metal bodies. There are two reasons for this. First, metal is more durable, giving better chance of survival if dropped or otherwise mishandled. The second reason for metal is weight. A heavier camera helps stabilize shots better. They’ve made the T3i a bit heavier according to the reviewers. The T3i is also “bigger” which actually gives better grip to the camera. Many pros actually attach their cameras to rigs to give them better handling. So, a bigger, heavier T3i is a plus. It’s not incredibly bigger or heavier, but a little counts a lot.
  3. Sound-level recording control. This may have been in previously published information, but if so, I missed it. One of the complaints Michael had about his chosen camera (7d) was that you could not control the audio gain. Since I plan to be doing a lot of video with this camera, this is definitely a plus!

Also, if you are a T2i owner, the review also has some nice comparison shots.

I can’t wait to get this puppy in my hands!

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