The Making of “The Paradox of Christmas”

Stuff like this makes me smile. One of the challenges I have when I want to introduce something cool into what we do at Thrive Church is literally the technical know-how. Thrive Church is blessed to have  Michael on the team (especially since he can usually answer my dumb questions). Michael handles our video creatives. But, I still love to know and understand more about how these things are created. I find that understanding how things are done helps me better understand how to help Michael, and avoid impossible requests.

So when I come across articles where people are giving the skinny on how they created something, my interest is always piqued and I nearly always click and watch. Such is the case with Igniter’s “making of” video for “The Paradox of Christmas.” While we wouldn’t necessarily create the same type of thing, the creative techniques are still valuable, and can be applied to various media, not just video. In fact, my mind is already surging with creative juices about some projects I have brewing that are completely unlike that video.

I would encourage you to do the same – checkout the “how” behind what others are doing – even experts outside of the faith community.

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