Magic Lantern Firmware Update For T3i And Other Canon DSLRs

Magic Lantern, the third-party firmware add-on for Canon DSLRs, had an update on 11/11/11 that I missed (sorry!).

This is an update to the “unified” branch, which is intended to provide common source code and feature-set (where possible) across all supported cameras. In fact, they’ve added the 50D and the 500D to the list of cameras supported by the unified branch. (more after the break)


Another benefit of the unified branch is that you can now interchange memory cards between camera models since the firmware for each model is included on the memory card. For instance, a buddy and I shoot together often. He has the T2i, and I have the T3i. We can swap cards between us and still be able to use magic lantern.

Per the developer, the update includes:

Important fixes:

– Finally stable on 500D, confirmed by early testers (this might fix some
issues in 50D too).
– Fixed potential stability problem when using flash (credits goto Tobias
– Rack/stack focus are usable again, and you can also fine-tune focus with
the wheel(s)
– Fixed possible ERR70 in HDMI 1080i when navigating the menu quickly.

Smaller fixes / new stuff:

– No more flicker in bottom bar
– Fixed buffer overflow in format/restore code (only happened if you had a
lot of log files or screenshots)
– Defishing is faster (almost realtime) and compatible with HDMI
– Color defishing in play mode

LINK: Unified Magic Lantern – new release (now with 50D and 500D) – Magic Lantern firmware development | Google Groups.

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