I’m Inspired: Starting Over “A Manifesto On Being Yourself”

In this world of ours, especially when one embraces technology as I do, there are so many voices – so many muffled screams and amplified whispers. There’s so much being said – but honestly little of real value is being heard. The real voices that matter are often muted by the outwardly beautiful, and the ostentatiously garish. Technology seems to offer the promise of an equal platform, and equal opportunity for one’s voice to matter. But, formulaic design and composition is often raised up as if more important – but in truth, their importance is only a factor of their exploitation of the formulas – not the significance of the message.

Enter my friend, Michael Perkins. Not content with just having a voice, but driven by the desire to have a voice that matters, he did something few of us are willing to do – start over.

We aren’t willing to let go of the “thing” – that we’ve worked so hard to build. We justify this by using the words, “seed” and “foundation” – when, in reality, we mean “crutch” – and oh, does it reek of fear.

Sometimes, what we’ve made needs to be dashed upon the wall and broken to shards – because it’s no longer malleable enough to able to be fashioned into something else.

Thinking of starting over, but too afraid? Admit your fear, and read Starting Over “A Manifesto On Being Yourself” – an E-Book by my friend, Michael Perkins.

This post originally appeared at GeekRev.com.


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