How To Use The Bible Tool In ProPresenter 4

I’ve noticed a few search queries here at GeekRev about using the Bible Feature in ProPresenter 4. To be honest, we really never use that feature. In our work-flow, I create sermon slides while I am writing the sermon (PowerPoint) and drop them in our Dropbox for the tech team to import into ProPresenter 4. But, it’s really not that hard to use the built-in Bible solution, and in fact it’s pretty cool. I’ll cover the feature after the break.

To begin, you select the bible icon fro the icon bar.

The Bible tool’s panel (below) allows you to select the Bible translation. If you don’t have any installed, you can get some free ones or buy some “premium” versions using the “Get Bibles” button on the right of the Bible tool’s panel. To select the passages for display, you can either type it in directly (see the yellow-highlighted text below) or hit the “Book” drop down, that will walk you through book and chapter. It will update the text box (highlighted yellow text) with the selection. To get to specific verse you’ll have to edit the text box.

Notice that you have a few choices for how the passage is displayed (see below). You choose to turn on verse numbers, which will display as superscript. If you  select “Break on Nee Verse” each verse will start on a new slide. You also have to choose between 4 radio buttons. “Verse Refs” displays the individual verse reference at the bottom of each  (i.e. 1 Peter 3:8) verse slide. If you select “Passage Each” you get the whole passage (if multiple verses) at the bottom of each slide (i.e. 1 Peter 3:8-12). “No Reference” obviously omits the references. “Display Translation” turns off the version in the reference (i.e. “NIV” or “KJV”).

Other than the things listed above, there is very little else you can “change” about how versed display. You can change the background using the backgrounds panel, like for normal slides. And you can choose to change the template. That’s it.

However, if you really want to adjust things more, all you have to do is press the “Create Presentation” button (see below).

Doing so will create a standard slides set, which is fully editable, so you can format the bible passage to your heart’s content. But, once you do that, you can’t go back and change references or anything like that, without starting all over in the Bible tool. See the resulting editor screen below:

There you go – let me know if you have any questions!

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