HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag (iOS Apps)

Hi folks! I’ve been working on a fairly big project for GeekRev. As the title of this post describes, I’ve put together a virtual gear bag of iOS apps that help the HDSLR videographer who owns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This is a series of posts, each one dedicated to a separate iOS app, but I will update this post as a “master-list” so that you can find everything in one spot once the series is done. I’ll fill in the list below as we go along!

  1. Pocket Light Meter
  2. DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit
  3. FiLMiC Pro
  4. Blue FiRe
  5. Magic Hour
  6. Movie Looks HD

Got any iOS app suggestions that help your videography?

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