HDR Video: Coming Soon To Canon Cameras Via Magic Lantern

Have you ever tried to shoot video when parts of the scene were very dark relative to other areas that seemed very bright? You end up having to choose which area is more important to you – the darker or the lighter. If you bring the lighter part of the scene into priority, you lose definition in the shadows. If you bring the darker areas into priority, you blow-out the whites. That problem is being addressed with an upcoming feature of the Magic Lantern firmware add-on (unified branch) for Canon cameras. More after the break.

Magic Lantern’s soon-to-be-released HDR Video feature addresses these high contrast scenes with the ability to capture two ISO ranges during a shoot. It does this by alternating between the ISO values on alternating frames. So, the even numbered frames will use the first ISO, and the odd numbered frames will use the other ISO value. If you were to view the footage pre-post, it will noticeably flicker.

The Magic Lantern team has developed a workflow using free and open source tools to merge the best parts of the alternating frames together.

Here’s a link to the announcement.

Here’s a video explaining the feature.

[tentblogger-vimeo 33987353]

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