Having Fun With 2.8 F-Stop

I’m still waiting for my T3i to release/ship, but I was able to have a little fun with the f2.8 Tamron lens that I just bought. A buddy let me play around with it on his T2i. The big deal about the f/2.8 is that it gives you some incredible depth of field dynamics. You can literally pick and choose what objects get “focus” while really putting the other objects out of range. To demonstrate the power of the f-stop ratio, we also played around with a f/5 lens that he owns. The control over depth of field is incredibly different between the f/2.8 and the f/5 lenses. Check out the photos we took after the break.

What you see below are images taken with his f/5 lens. They are both taken from pretty much the same spot, but with changing the focus between the black-labeled lens cap and the silver-labeled lens cap. Look at the paper’s text and line quality between the two caps. Notice the long and gradual focus changes. Sometimes you want this – you want a gradual shift of focus in your image. One thing to note is that we had to set these objects pretty far apart to get a good effect.

Below, you’ll see two shots that we took with my Tamron, with the f/2.8 f-stop. We alternated focus between the Canon lens’ cap and theĀ  Tamron lens cap. Notice how much more dramatic the focus differences are on the paper’s text and line-work between the two objects. That’s crazy amazing. Of course, it’s hard to describe in words how dramatic the effect becomes as you manipulate the focus ring. Crazy amazing!

My buddy was also gracious enough to let me share a few shots he took of 3 family members on a f/1.8 lens. He was able to take these three shots, each focusing on one of the three people, while popping the other two out of focus. The effect is crazy. See them below.

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