Happy New Year: A Look Back

Happy New year! 2011 was a great year for GeekRev.com. We surpassed our readership goals thanks to all of your re-tweets and Facebook shares – we really do appreciate your loyalty and willingness to share what we’re doing with others. We’ve also stepped into a few areas that we really wanted to expand.

First, we’ve begun to do more reviews on products that matter to small churches that trying to do great things on a tight budget. We’ve also held our very first giveaway of a product given to us to for that purpose. And, we’ve got another one coming soon. Hopefully that is a something we can really expand in 2012.

We’ve also posted some great articles that I think really strike at the heart of doing great things with smaller budgets. After the break, I’ll list some of the article gems of 2011.

MS Office Compatibility For Free (January 5, 2011) A look at LibreOffice (an OpenOffice fork).

Small Church Technology (January 18, 2011) Exploring the implications of technology in smaller churches.

Preaching from an iPad via FaithEngineer (January 20, 2011) Inspired by a piece at FaithEngineer, I talk about my experience preaching from a device vs. paper.

Affordable Digital Music Stands Pt1 (January 31, 2011) One of the A/V techs at our church designed a very inexpensive digital music stand solution (down with paper music!). He shares his process in a 3-part series.

To Xoom Or Not To Xoom (February 10, 2011) Ben from bensayin.com posts our first real discussion of an Android device. It’s really amazing how far Android has come in the tablet space. I love my Android-based super-affordable Kindle Fire!

Philip Bloom: Why DSLR (March 17, 2011) DSLR’s are a god-send to small church communication. Not only can you get great photos to use, but you can also produce amazing, cinematic videos for announcements and sermon illustrations. In this post, I point to a video interview with Philip Bloom about why DSLR’s are game-changers.

3 Affordable Video Media Resources for Churches (April 11, 2011) Small churches don’t have to invest in video equipment or software to bring the technology to the church. There are tons of great, professional resources out there that are very affordable. This article talks about three such resources.

In-Ear Stage Monitors (April 26, 2011) Once relegated to large churches with huge tech budgets, in-ear monitors for your worship team are finally within reach of small churches. Michael Beck walks you through it.

Chrome OS’s Potential for Churches (May 16, 2011) Google’s Chrome OS is certainly the out-of-the-box alternative to Windows, MacOSX, and Linux. But, how does it fit small churches?

FCP X – First impressions (June 21, 2011) Apple usually gets criticized for the cost of their stuff. But, Final-Cut Pro X is definitely not indicative of that characterization. It brings amazing video editing power to the desktop at a very affordable price. Michael Beck tells us about it.

Why Is Magic Lantern Important For Smaller Churches? (July 15, 2011) Magic Lantern brings a lot of video-creating power to Canon DSLR’s – I think it’s a game changer for smaller churches. In the article I tell why I think that.

Pro Presenter 4: Expand Your Looping Background Library For Free (August 1, 2011) Sometimes all it takes to get great stuff is a little ingenuity. I explain how to expand your video background library without spending any money.

The Small Church Technology Juggle (September 12, 2011) This post is a reminder about how difficult it can be to juggle tech-issues, in a small church as I share some of our struggles with a building move and related construction.

Small Church Technology: Videographer’s Basic Kit (November 4, 2011) In this post I present the pieces of a basic videographer’s kit that should fit into most small church budgets.

Kindle Fire: Second Look Review (December 7, 2011) This is one of the most balanced reviews of the Kindle Fire (even if I do say so myself). I highlight some of the key deficiencies and the best features of the device. By the way, have mentioned that I really love my Kindle Fire?

For 2012, I anticipate an even better year, with more attention to Android, more giveaways, more product reviews, more app reviews, and more discussion of the issues facing small church technology. Thanks for making this a great year for GeekRev.



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