Finally: Rich Editing of Google Docs on iOS

I missed this, which was announced on 9/10/2012 (thanks for catching it!) – Google has finally enabled real editing of Google documents on iOS. If you recall, the reason I sold my iPad many moons ago was centered around lack-luster Google docs usability. I haven’t tried it yet (need to borrow my wife’s iPad), but from what I am reading it looks promising. [more after the break]

ipad-editor-medium+(1)From Google’s blog post:

Starting today, if you’re using the Drive app on your iOS device you can also edit Google documents, just as you can with the Android app. From your iPhone or iPad, you can create a new document, edit an existing one or format text. And, just like on your computer, you’ll be able to see other people’s edits instantly as they’re made.

The mealtime-collaboration is going to be awesome for people who work in teams!

you can now view Google presentations on your iPhone or iPad, including speaker notes, full-screen mode and the ability to swipe between slides

I’d love to see how this interfaces with a mirrored display.

Google has also made some improvements on the Android side of things, in addition to the things they’ve added to iOS that were not already present on Android, Google added comment discussions. Cool.

I use Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) a lot, and any improvement is going to be awesome.


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