Final Cut Pro X – First impressions/questions

Apple recently announced its next version of Final Cup Pro. It will be called “Final Cut Pro X” (FCPX), will cost $299, and will be available through the Mac App Store. I was in Las Vegas when they announced it, but I was not able to attend the event. I have watched the video of the announcement since, and I would like to share my first impressions and questions I have about the new FCPX.

First impressions first:

The new look, looks good. I am digging the darker look and the much needed graphical touches. The UI for FCP has needed an overhaul for a long time.

It does have some elements of iMovie’s look, but from watching how it actually works, I think it is a good thing. It seems to be taking the ease of use and combining it with the power of FCP.

I love all the new features, some big ones are:

Sample level audio editing. Thank God! this has been a real downer in FCP for a long time.

Magnetic timeline. This is really cool because there are at least 50 time in an edit where I have to cmd-z to undo moving one clip onto another. The new features will just push them out of the way.

Automatic external audio syncing. Since I shoot on DSLR this is a huge one. It will save me tons of time mucking around with external software just to align my H4 zoom audio with my 7D video.

All the new features involving organization are a real draw. Anything to speed me up while helping me to be better organized is a welcome addition.


Now on to the questions:

Will it still work with the current Final Cut Studio apps? Can I still send my project to color or soundtrack?

Will the rest of the suite make it into the app store? or are they being merged into this one app?

Will the current FCP plugins work in FCPX?

Will some of the “automatic” features be annoying? Will you be able to disable them?


So all in all I think this is a huge step in the right direction for FCP, I just hope the growing pains from the re-write are minimal.


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