ExpoDisc – Hands On Review

I’ve had my hands on an ExpoDisc Pro white balance tool from ExpoImaging for a few weeks. I’ve actually done a fair amount of shooting with it, but had not had the time to do a proper review. If you remember, we reviewed a competing product earlier. While there is plenty to debate regarding the need for a white balance tool, I like the idea of a simple tool that is handy, rugged and consistent. A reader mentioned the ExpoDisc, so I thought I’d give it a try. Pictures, video, and some notes after the break.

My impressions:

  1. It’s well made. The ExpoDisc is comprised of a metal ring with a prismatic lens-field on one side and a flat white image field on the other. The prismatic lens-field is protected by clear plastic (might actually be glass) that prevents dust build-up in the crevices. The lanyard pin is also metal – very stout.
  2. The protective pouch is awesome. It is made of a nylon canvas that seems nearly indestructible – and it’s rigid, giving more than ample protection for the ExpoDisc.
  3. I should have asked for the larger version. In fact, if I were making decisions over there, I’d concentrate on manufacturing one size – the largest (82mm).
  4. It’s really easy to use. All you have to remember is to take the reference shot with auto-white-balance set. Then use your camera’s custom-white-balance setting to use that reference image. Oh, and don’t forget to actually set your camera to the custom-white-balance setting before taking a shot.
  5. I think it is a little pricey for what it does, but it is well made, which offsets my opinion about the price somewhat.

Here are my test pictures:


And, here is my video review!

[tentblogger-youtube D87DWJVD3PQ]

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