Plug-in Plug: Easy FancyBox for WordPress

At GR we use the amazing Standard Theme. On my devotional blog, I use a different theme, but I’ve added a lot of plug-ins to the theme to work the way I want it. One of the big wins for Standard Theme is the built-in functionality that used to require a plug-in. The My plug-ins page here at GR looks remarkably different than my devotional blog – it’s spartan – with very few plug-ins. It’ nice to have so much functionality built right in already. As great as Standard Theme is, I still have to make adjustments to it. I’m constantly messing with the styles, for instance.

I’ve heard and read that you should do everything you can to keep visitors from leaving your blog. Well, if you are supplying any kind of media, you can do the standard (ugly) embed or you can link to the external media file (bye-bye site visitor). Enter   Easy FancyBox for WordPress.

Basically, when someone clicks a video link or  image on your site, Easy Fancybox  will dim the browser and present the media to the user with a lightbox-style effect. It’s great. Click the image to the right to see how it works.

We use this plug-in on this site, but we also use it on my church’s live-casting site. We use Live.Theme for it, which allows you to rotate bumper images that link to videos during the off-air hours. With Easy FancyBox the links bring the video up over the top of the live site instead of taking them away from the live-cast page.

Two things

First, the settings are not on the  “Settings” panel. You have to go the “Media” entry under “Settings” then scroll down on the page to find the settings.

Second, you don’t have to use any short-codes or modify the core files. Easy FancyBox automatically searches for your media when someone reads your post – the usual suspects for media hosting are supported  (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). Be sure to use the “link to image” option when inserting images.

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