DropBox – For Teams

We have shamelessly plugged our love for DropBox on many occasions. It has become an essential part of managing the ministry of an all-volunteer-staffed church, and I personally use it every single day. Even though I have earned a lot of referral space (currently at 8GB’s free storage), space management is still quite an issue for my account.

Recently, DropBox announced “DropBox For Teams” – after the break, I’ll tell you more about it, and give my thoughts on it as well.

First, the cost: $795 per year

Here’s what you get for that price:

  1. Up to 5 users
  2. 1,000 GB Space – to start, they’ll “work with you” if you need more.
  3. Unlimited versions history – included
  4. Phone support – included

The great part, is that it is expandable.

  1. Each additional user is $125 per year.
  2. Each additional user adds 200 GB to the storage pool.

If we do the math, this is a great deal. For a standard user license, you can buy a max of 100 GB, for $200 per year. But, with DropBox for Teams, you get twice the space for the same per-user cost.

I think it’s such a great deal, for a service we use immensely, that it is on the agenda for our next leadership team meeting.

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