Roll Your Own Digital Signage 2.0 – Church Tech Dump

I ran across this in a Google search. Eric Granata built this digital signage solution for his church and it looks great! Basically, he is pulling from multiple data sources, combining them and formatting them through a custom Flash Projector.

He shows a mac mini and a mac cinema display in his graphic, but you could achieve the same thing with a cheap PC (which he mentions) and a cheap monitor or cheap projector.

I love the idea, and it is right along the lines of the kind of topic we want to talk about at GR.

As far as the tech goes, instead of using Flash, you could serve up a dynamic, locally hosted HTML page in kiosk mode, using javascript for the animation. In fact, I think a little side project is in order… no promises on how long before I get to it, but I’ll describe it all and give away the code when I’m done.

Roll Your Own Digital Signage 2.0 – Church Tech Dump.

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