ColorRight Pro – Hands On Review

I’ve been reviewing the ColorRight Pro, from ColorRight for sometime now. It is a white-balance aid for photographers and videographers. I can’t remember where I first heard about the ColorRight Pro, but it immediately intrigued me. I am always looking for things that help a “hobby” or “volunteer” user get professional results. When your life doesn’t revolve around a particular technology, you tend to look for things that make it easier to get consistent results, even when you do not do something consistently. The ColorRight Pro, while targeted by the company to professionals, seemed to me to be a tool to achieve that consistency for the non-pro photographer. After the break, I’ll give you my impressions, some pictures, and a video review of the ColorRight Pro.

First, my impressions.

  1. I like it – a lot. It really is a simple tool to use. I really think it is going to be something I use a lot. I find I use it at least once every time I pull out my camera. I suppose that technically, as you move through a space, your lighting changes, so you should take more readings. But I usually only take one reading – unless the light difference is really drastic.
  2. I was surprised it cracked. It feels pretty robust in your hands, so I was surprised when one of my testers returned it with a crack and hole in the flat part. This damage came from simply moving around in her camera bag. That’s a bit disturbing considering the $130 price tag.
  3. I think it costs too much. The ColorRight Pro will set you back $130. While you can easily spend a ton more on pro gear, I think $50 is as much as I would want to spend on one. I’m glad they gave us this one for review.
  4. It taught me something. As an architectural designer, I deal with color a lot, so I was surprised how bad I was at detecting bad light color in an image. In architecture, we deal with a palate of colors that we combine for visual effect. That does not translate to understanding colors photographically. By using the ColorRight Pro, my eyes have learned a lot! I see color so much differently.

OK, now some pictures – by Kelli Appleton:

And now, the video review:

[tentblogger-youtube JeP4rxFAMAY]

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