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I ran across this article on the Church Marketing Sucks (CMS) website. They break down some of the stats coming from a Lifeway research project. You can find links to that research on the CMS page. The research dealt specifically with how churches use websites and social media, if they even do at all. I have to say that some of the numbers surprised me – at first.

The most surprising to me was the low number of smaller churches utilizing social media, specifically Facebook. To me, social media is a great equalizer for smaller churches. With social media, we can get our voices out there just as prominently and with just as much impact as bigger ministries. Additionally, it would seem a lot easier to keep up with the lives of people in a sub-200-person church via Facebook than in a +1000-person church.

But, as I thought more about it, the surprise faded. The reality is that social media is adding just one more layer of communication for already stretched team-members. But, we can and should strive to can get better and more intentional about using social media outlets.

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Source: Church Web & Social Media Research | Church Marketing Sucks.

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