Church Sites Part 1 Domains

I’m going to be writing a series of articles covering how to get your church on the web as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible. I still see a lot of churches with no website. I think it’s partly due to misconceptions about the cost and required expertise. The truth is you can get going with a website fairly inexpensively and, because the great tools available, easily too.

I’ll cover the following topics:

1) Domain or not? (this post)
2) Host your ministry website for free.
3) WordPress: don’t bother looking elsewhere.
4) Looks Matter: choosing and customizing a theme.
5) Essential Content: stuff you can’t leave out.

Today, let’s talk domains.

Just in case you don’t know, a domain name is basically the “address” of your website. Instead of a house number and street address, you can get a plain English name that represents your ministry.

There really is no reason not to get a domain name for your ministry. These days, domain names are pretty cheap, and sometimes you can even get them free when you buy a hosting account (wait for the next post about hosting). I’ve seen domain names for as little as $2 a year.

Since the question of “to or not to” is fairly moot at this point in time, let me leave you with some advice about choosing a name.

First, if at all possible, get a name that matches your church name. It keeps confusion down.

Second, stick with one of the more popular extensions, like .tv / .com / .org / .net, because sometimes people forget to remember the extension. If you can, buy all the domains extensions for your domain name. The more extensions you own of your name, the more likely they won’t accidentally land somewhere else. Remember, they are cheap!

Next post: how to host your site for free.

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