Changing Direction With This Site.

When I started this blog I was planting a new church and trying to figure out how to do the technological things I wanted to do without going too big for our budget and not going over the top production-wise. The blog was a reactionary vehicle to discuss what I was discovering I the world of church tech.

It was fun. It was challenging. It was rewarding. But as the church began to get into full swing and we settled into the tech we would ultimately implement, I lost interest in exploring the world of church tech in a proactive way. As new blogs devoted to this same space began to develop and flourish, our content began to overlap and become redundant. So, it sat, and sat, and sat. The last post was March 10, 2014. That’s almost six years of zero new content. Wow.

So, it’s time for a change in direction.

I still love technology, but more generally, I like all kinds of gear – from gadgets, to software, to personal defense gear – I have wide gear interests. So I’m going to use this cob-webby space as a place where I can write whatever I want, about whatever kind of technology or gadget that want to write about. Basically, it’ll be a virtual gear dump.



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