WordPress Wednesday : Editorial Calendar Plugin

Welcome to another edition of WordPress Wednesday! One of the great things about the WordPress ecosystem is it’s support for third-party plug-ins. there are thousands of plug-ins available in the WordPress plug-in gallery that will do nearly anything you can think of. I am a recovering plug-in addict, which means I have become increasingly picky about the plug-ins I use. But there are some that I think every WordPress blog should have: the Editorial Calendar plug-in. See why after the break. Continue reading “WordPress Wednesday : Editorial Calendar Plugin”

Redirect Your RSS Feeds To Feedburner Without A Plugin

As I have spoken before many a time, I am not a big proponent in using plugins for everything you would want in your WordPress install. In this article, I get the privilege to show you how you can direct all of your WordPress RSS Feeds to Feedburner without using a plugin.

The below setup is fairly easy IF you are the admin of your server. If you are on a shared host and don’t have access to your root directory via FTP, it may be harder. Continue reading “Redirect Your RSS Feeds To Feedburner Without A Plugin”

Adding Facebook Comments To WordPress (Standard Theme)

Facebook just came out with a new commenting system that has great potential for blogs. There are some “negatives” about the new service, but the massive community that is Facebook makes it very difficult to ignore the new service.

One of the “negatives” is giving up control of all your comments to Facebook. I tried using other external comments systems and always reverted back to the standard WordPress comments because of lost data and other quirks.

You don’t have to give up control. You can keep the WordPress comment system AND use the Facebook comment system too. Making this happen will require the following steps: Continue reading “Adding Facebook Comments To WordPress (Standard Theme)”

WordPress Wednesdays: Automatic Archives Page

This WordPress Wednesdays entry is a re-post from Matthew’s old blog as we resurrect them here at GeekRev.

I have been asked a by a few of the G4H community members to do a WordPress Wednesdays post about my Archives page. If you check out the Standard Theme, or even use it, as I do, you would see the awesome power of it.

With the above said I am going to go into a short tutorial on how to add an automatically updating archives page.

Let’s start with the assumption that you already have an archive.php within your theme files. You will need to navigate to that file and understand the overall architecture of it. For this archives page we are going to setup a template that you can apply to your own archives page. Continue reading “WordPress Wednesdays: Automatic Archives Page”