Connecting Social Connections


One of the more challenging things for smaller ministries is using social media effectively. There’s just so much to do for a lot smaller staff (say a staff of one???) to do in a week that social media is often lacking. The problem is that in order to connect with younger generations, you just have to do it – at least Facebook and Twitter.

One of the ways we’ve been able to stay on top of social media is to connect our twitter accounts, facebook accounts, facebook pages, and blogs. Doing this allows us to publish in multiple places with less effort. Continue reading “Connecting Social Connections”

Technology Redeemed? via Collide Magazine


As a techy pastor, I do often find myself at a crossroads between the two natures of technology – the often purely utilitarian aspect, and then the perverted and distorted use of it. We’ve all enjoyed the standard movie plot of a man trying to protect his invention from being turned into a weapon.

Scott McClellan at Collide Magazine just posted an article about the opposite – when wayward technology is redeemed for God’s purposes. Continue reading “Technology Redeemed? via Collide Magazine”

Admin Geekery!


In this category we’ll post articles about tools and methods that help us administrate and manage our ministries.

We hope to cover everything from document sharing, document creation, team management, congregation databases, and stuff like that.

Plus, if you’re interested in our take on a tool you’ve been using or looking at, let us know. We’ll try to cover it.