What Camera Is the Right Camera for Your Church? – Part 1


Church video production covers a wide spectrum of video gear because there are a lot of different video applications in the church. You have everything from webcasting to full-on studio packages to produce for the church. This makes it very hard to choose a camera that you are confident will meet your needs. In this four-part series, I am going to try to highlight some of my favorite cameras and in what situations they would be best.

We will start with my favorite category: HD DSLRs.

I love these new cameras that have become so popular in the video world. I am talking of course about the crop of Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras that shoot High Definition video. Some examples are the Canon T2i, Canon 60D, Canon 7D, and the Canon 5D Mark II. Continue reading “What Camera Is the Right Camera for Your Church? – Part 1”

Introducing Michael Beck


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to introduce you to one of the awesome gifts that God gave me as a pastor: Michael Beck (@lapistola). Michael is the technology director at Thrive Church (@thrivechurch).

Michael’s creative passion is cinema. He’s both technically and creatively gifted. Michael produces 99% of the video we use at Thrive, whether for sermon illustrations, pure comedic relief, or TV commercials.

Continue reading “Introducing Michael Beck”

Video Geekery


In this category we want to cover tools and methods for creating and using video in your ministry.

We’ll cover things like affordable cameras, editing software, lighting techniques, set creation, and more creative topics about video.

Plus, if you’re interested in our take on software or equipment that you’ve been using or looking at, let us know. We’ll try to cover it.