Teaser: NIV Bible Study App for Kindle Fire

The fine folks who are working on porting the NIV Bible Study App to the Kindle Fire posted a teaser photo on their FaceBook Page! I am on pins and needles here waiting for that app. It’s nice on my iPhone for sure, but I am really looking forward to studying with the larger screen on my Kindle Fire. I’ve not seen any word on a release date yet. Teaser photo after the break. Continue reading “Teaser: NIV Bible Study App for Kindle Fire”

Resource: Free HD Countdowns

Calum (cool name) from FreeHDCountdowns.com contacted me to introduce his media resource. His site offers free, no strings attached video countdown timers. The countdowns are in HD, and vary in length and theme. Calum also offers tutorials and guides for creating and using countdowns. Calum considers FreeHDCountdowns as a “collection for churches on a budget.” Currently, the selection is in its infancy, but Calum promises new countdowns monthly. Continue reading “Resource: Free HD Countdowns”

The Small Church Technology Juggle

It’s been a couple weeks since our last posting, and I apologize for that. But, there is good reason for the lack of publishing. As you should be aware, we’re sharing our experiences and insights as a small church that uses a lot of technology. Recently, we moved our church to an entirely new facility, and for the past few weeks we’ve been moving stuff and installing stuff. Continue reading “The Small Church Technology Juggle”

Pro Presenter 4: Expand Your Looping Background Library For Free


UPDATE: We’ve written several other articles about Pro Presenter. See more.

Did you know that you can expand you ProPresenter 4 looping backgrounds library without purchasing or downloading any additional media? Well you can, easily octupling your library (or more)! In this video tutorial for ProPresenter 4, I show you how to do just that. Catch it after the break.

Continue reading “Pro Presenter 4: Expand Your Looping Background Library For Free”