Beacon Ad Bundle – GeekRev Included

One of the biggest news to hit the Christian Creative/Tech blog scene was when 8BIT acquired the Beacon Ad Network. 8BIT has become, in my opinion, the best tech resource group for the Christian Community. Their blog-family, that emphasizes technology and creativity, is an extremely valuable asset to the Christian community. Their acquisition of the Beacon Ad Network promised a fresh and vibrant future for the network. GeekRev has been registered with the ad network for some time now, and I’ve always appreciated the potential it holds. One of the ad innovations they’ve brought to the table are ad bundles.

I found an email in my inbox the other day that informed me that GeekRev is included in a new bundle that they’ve recently announced – their mucho-awesome “Creative Tech bundle.”

First, I am humbly flattered, but I am also stoked about the new relationships that could form through these bundles. There are some really excellent sites in that bundle.

If you’ve seen our “About” page, we’re more about giving back and contributing to the church-tech conversation than getting anything out of it. But,  we’ve also honestly shared that we’d like this site to be a part of what helps me be a tent-making pastor.

So, if you’d like your message to reach a large creative/tech audience, may I humbly suggest that the Beacon Ad Network’s “Creative Tech bundle” is the way to go?


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