AirPlay To Your Mac

I have been really curious about the AirPlay service that Apple introduced into the 4.2 version of its iOS. AirPlay lets you stream content from your iOS device to your Apple TV. The problem is that I do not have an Apple TV, and I am not sure I need/want one to be honest, because I get my streaming content from my BluRay player and my Xbox360. But I am still really curious about AirPlay.

Fortunately for me, Erica Sadun posted a that she has reversed engineered the AirPlay stream and wrote a Mac OSX app that allows a MAC to impersonate an Apple TV, and therefore be able to capture the stream. She is giving it away too!

I tried it out using the YouTube app on my iPhone and it works amazingly well.

On the Mac, I started Erica’s AirPlayer app, and clicked the little button that says “Start the Service.” Once it indicated that it was ready, a new icon appeared on the iPhone’s YouTube app that let me select my Mac as an AirPlay device. And voila – the video played on the Mac, and I could use the iPhone as a remote control to stop and start the video.

The app is very “alpha”, so it’s missing some features that I’m sure Erica will eventually include, like full-screen mode.

My mind is churning about possible ways to use this at the Thrive Church.

Check it out: Hacksugar: Mac-based AirPlay service allows device-to-Mac playback.

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