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59% of the churches in the US are churches of less than 100 people.

Another 35% of US churches have between 100 and 500 worshipers. (source:

That is an enormous percentage of the church. That means that most churches are “small” with “smaller” budgets.

We believe that while a smaller church budget presents challenges to using technology, it should not be an obstacle.¬†At my church we’ve tackled the issues head-on and manage to do some pretty great stuff. This blog is a “give-back” to other smaller ministries, sharing my church’s continued journey to overcome the obstacles of using tech at a smaller church. The long-term goal is to team with technophiles in similar situations to share their church’s stories.

GeekRev is not a “big guy” in the blogosphere (not yet), but we do have a growing and loyal following with some surprising metrics. I’d be happy to disclose these metrics if the possibility of a relationship is viable.

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Some information about people of the GeekRev Community:

  • They view an average of about 7 articles per visit.
  • They spend an average of about 9 minutes on the site.
  • About 81% of our viewers stay on the site and dig deeper.

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