5-Minute Camera Foot Switch

If you haven’t been to the Instructables web site, you could be in for a treat. It’s a site dedicated to do-it-yourself creations, usually with saving money as the motivator. I’ve subscribed to their tech feed so I catch anything that might be helpful to a geek like me. I’ve come across some great ideas! People can be so creative. Today, I found something that could be useful…

It’s a foot switch that you connect to your camera so you can take pictures hands-free. One way I could see this being used is for live events where you want to capture some still shots now and then, but are too busy with other controls (sound, lighting, etc) to dedicate yourself to the camera. In that case, you’d set the camera on a tripod, zoomed and focused to setup our shots. Then you’d connect this nifty foot-switch to your camera. Now, taking a quick snap is as easy as stepping on the switch.

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