3 Great Web Resources

No tech-savvy pastor could get by without picking up a few web-gems along the way. I’ve got a pretty extensive bookmarks/favorites list that I’ve literally cultivated over many years – pruned here, grafted there. If you’ve not started your own bookmarks/favorites collection, get started!

I have a few to get you started (or add to your list).

1) 8Bit Network. My love for 8Bit started with ChurchCrunch.com – a site dedicated to sharing all kinds of web-related and web-based tools and how they could be used for ministry. John Saddington has done an amazing job expanding it to a network of focused sites that cover pretty much all areas of technology with a special emphasis on resourcing the church. Pastor, be religious about following these sites.

2) Church Marketing Sucks (CMS). Pastor, don’t kid yourself – you’re probably not great at marketing. It’s OK – that’s not your calling. I consider myself artsy, but I follow this site religiously. CMS is a site dedicated to elevating the public face of the church. They cover topics ranging from design issues to marketing ethics. Seriously, bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS, and tattoo the address to your mouse-hand.

3) The CheapSkate. OK, it’s no secret that the economy is tough. If you pastor a small church, you’re seeing it up close and personal. One thing I’ve learned is that I have to keep my eyes open for good deals. CNET’s Rick Broida has a knack for finding great deals on great products. The deals are sometimes on out of production stuff, but many times, top of the line products are highlighted at significant discounts.

I hope you find these sites useful. By the way, I’m taking a break over Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday!

EDIT: What are your “go to” websites?

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