$25,000 Worship Resource Giveaway from Proclaim

I’ve been watching for the release of Proclaim for a while now. It’s a cloud-based church presentation software. They hope to make the process of creating service visuals a lot easier by allowing pastors, worship leaders, and worship team members access and work on the same presentation “file” without needing to carry USB drives or manage sync repositories. It sounds like an intriguing idea. The only thing I worry about is what happens when the web is inaccessible due to some technical problem out of your control? I’ve been hoping for an invite to their beta so I can see how they address those things – we’ll see. In anticipation of the release, they having a contest to give away $25,000 in worship resources. Details after the break.

Dubbed “The Great Worship Resource Giveaway” they’re rewarding “100’s of winners” with “some of the best worship resources on the market.”

The giveaway is located on the Proclaim home page (http://proclaimonline.com) where you will see how to enter, and where you can see all the prize partners.
Like I said, I’ve been waiting to try it out, so the video you have to watch to get to the “entry” details was worth the watch.

Check it out: http://proclaimonline.com

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