WordPress Wednesday : Editorial Calendar Plugin

Welcome to another edition of WordPress Wednesday! One of the great things about the WordPress ecosystem is it’s support for third-party plug-ins. there are thousands of plug-ins available in the WordPress plug-in gallery that will do nearly anything you can think of. I am a recovering plug-in addict, which means I have become increasingly picky about the plug-ins I use. But there are some that I think every WordPress blog should have: the Editorial Calendar plug-in. See why after the break.

The Editorial Calendar plug-in gives you a new link on your admin screen sidebar called “Calendar.” You can find it under the comments header. When you click that link, you’ll be presented with a dynamic, drag-and-drop calendar view of all your posts. You’ll see drafts as well as published posts like the image below.

As you can see, it gray-out previous days, highlights the current date, and also subtly highlights the first day of the month.

Here are the four things I like about the plug-in:

  1. Visual Feedback: If you do a lot of posting, especially if you maintain a lot of draft posts (multiple authors?) you know how cumbersome and unruly the default posts list view can be. Sure, you can filter posts based on a number of criteria, making the listing more manageable. But when you do that, you do not get an overall picture of how your postings relate and schedule out. The visual feedback is the number one reason I use this plug-in.
  2. Drag and Drop: One of the most handy features is the ability to drag-and-drop entries from one day to another. This makes it very, very easy to make sure you organize your post releases.
  3. Quick edit: This feature provides a pop-up layer that allows you to edit the text of the post, it’s status (pending, draft, etc) and the time for publish. It’s a lot more hand than opening up the full post editor.
  4. Screen Options: You can customize the view. You can choose to enable or disable viewing the author, status, and time within the date cells. And you can also choose how many weeks are displayed at a time.

All in all, this is probably the most useful “editor” plug-in that I use, and I use it daily. If you do a lot of drafts, have multiple authors, or just want to get a good sense of how your postings relate, you should really try the Editorial Calendar plug-in.


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