What Does Tech Savvy Mean Anyway?

“Tech Savvy” is an often used phrase, especially when a bunch of church planters start talking about how they’re going to do things at their church. But, what does “tech savvy” mean anyway? I think it means different things for different people. I explain what it means for GeekRev in vlog form after the jump.

Some thoughts from the vlog:

  1. Tech savvy does not mean that our church looks like CES!
  2. Tech savvy doesn’t mean we’re the best or that we do “xyz” best.
  3. Tech savvy *does* mean that we are comfortable with tech in church.
  4. Tech savvy *does* mean that we are unafraid to explore and experiment with tech.
  5. Tech savvy *does* mean that we have encouraged a culture where the church is accessible through tech.

What does tech savvy mean for you and your ministry?

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