Warrant to search email

I’m a privacy advocate. I think that when people communicate “privately” (meaning not broadcast to everyone), they ought to have a reasonable expectation of privacy. I tried to have a conversation about “reasonable expectation” with a lawyer friend years ago, and it left me scratching my head because his description of it did not make sense to me in a common sense way. Do we have an expectation of privacy?The conversation with my lawyer buddy occurred when some judge ruled that employers can view your email on a whim, without any kind of reason, whenever they want. In a church setting, I suppose having that extra accountability is useful – especially if internet logs are also randomly perused.

What’s interesting is this quote:

“it would defy common sense to afford emails lesser Fourth Amendment protection”

So… do you see this newer ruling in conflict with the older ruling about employer email access?

See Engadget’s article about it: Sixth Circuit rules that the government needs a warrant to search your email.

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