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Vimeo has always had a more “artistic” community than other video services. But, interestingly, Vimeo just announced their new service called Vimeo Pro which is a video hosting solution for “businesses.” It allows organizations to leverage Vimeo’s incredible video delivery system without slamming their artistic community with a bunch of commercial content. After the break, I’ll tell you why I think this is great news for smaller churches.

First, it’s affordable. At $199 per YEAR, you get all the benefits of Vimeo’s infrastructure – 50GB of storage, HD, mobile compatibility, and more –  for about what most service charge for just two months. Additionally, there’s no bandwidth cap or limits (update: they added a limit of 250,000 “plays” of your videos).

Second, it’s Vimeo. Vimeo has the slickest infrastructure for video. While YouTube often feels like walking through a dark alley in a slum laden borough, Vimeo has always enjoyed a more refined and pleasant experience. That’s great for your visitors.

Branding. While the Plus service has channels, the Pro service gives you the opportunity to fully brand the video experience to your organization’s image. The example portfolios they show-off have no Vimeo branding – SIP, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH (well, except for the Vimeo-specific examples). That means you get all of your visitor’s attention.

Advanced Analytics. Judging from their promo video the analytics engine gives you tons of data, not just viewing numbers but also geographical information, and viewer habits. I’m sure you’ll get all the other cool stuff you expect from advanced analytics, like referrer information, etc.

So… do you think your church will use the new Vimeo Pro solution? I’m going to be really pushing for it for our church… wish me luck!

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  1. It was all so cool until I saw the bit about the 50GB limit. Have you seen It’s pretty sweet. Plus it generates RSS feeds based on media types so I can upload my videos and generate my audio and video podcast feeds automatically.

  2. Looks like this: which is not ideal. That’s one of a few downsides. It will be up to you to embed content into your CMS of choice. We’ve been doing this with Media Core at though we’l be changing that when we launch our own website.

    Ultimately, the pros outweighed the cons with

  3. Great post. I think Vimeo is great. The thing I probably like most is that they listen to their users. I expect this service to improve a lot over time considering it’s a brand new offering.

    But as for what to use in the present? I don’t think there’s a perfect solution out there yet. So you just have to pick one.

    Has anyone looked into SublimeVideo? It’s a different type of service that I just stumbled across it a few months ago:


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