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I recently started pursuing my master’s degree in architecture through an online program. One of the requirements is an occasional video chat. To get properly prepared and equipped for this endeavor, I also upgraded my home computer to one with a much larger screen (27″ iMac). The idea was that I could push the display further back on my desk so that I could lay drawings in front of the screen to work on. This worked very well until I started a video chat and realized that being pushed so far back on my desk was also giving way too wide a view of my office. After some searching I found a tool to fix that. I’ll tell you more after the break.

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w00t! w00t!

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I Cant; Keep Calm Because It's My Birthday!

Wow best T3i deal yet!

November 22, 2012 — 3 Comments

Canon is selling refurbished T3i bodies for $335.99! That is the best price I have seen for this camera, refurb or not. Even though the current generation of this camera is the T4i, I still think the T3i is the best bang for the buck DSLR, and I think it is the best DSLR camera for beginners. Here’s the link: Canon Direct Store- EOS Rebel T3i Body Refurbished.

canon t3i

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